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Genre Books is an imprint of Pluto Networks Limited. We publish and distribute books with a particular interest in gender and sexuality.

Author: Janet Charman
Price: $0.00
Smoking chronicles the courageous subtext of John Mulganís iconic novel Man Alone. Many see only the solitary exploits of a stoic Kiwi joker but Smoking explores the love of the hero Johnson for his best mate Scott.
Author: Chris Brickell
Price: $0.00
Southern Men documents menís lives, travels, friendships and leisure in the years before gay liberation, showing men at war, at home and at the beach.
Author: James Courage
Price: $39.95
New Country introduces some of James Courageís most evocative plays and short stories to a twenty-first century audience. Christopher Burkeís critical introduction explores their homoerotic themes, both overt and coded.
Author: Alexander Trapeznik
Price: $0.00
Dunedinís warehouse district is a newly rediscovered treasure. This richly illustrated, freely downloadable e-book explores the history of this fascinating part of Dunedin.
Author: Chris Brickell
Price: $69.95
What does it mean for two men to be together? Two-by-two showcases 100 photos taken between 1880 and 1960, in which pairs of New Zealand men share their lives at leisure, at work and at home.
Author: Chris Brickell
Price: $24.95
RRP: $49.95
Robert Gantís photographs, taken between 1885 and 1915, offer a profound redefinition of colonial masculinity. Manly Affections unveils 230 fascinating Gant images in which men hug, hold hands and hang out.
Author: Chris Brickell
Price: $49.95
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What are the historical changes through which the modern gay New Zealander has emerged? Mates & Lovers reveals an erotic past that was vibrant, complex and often surprising.